About Us

With 35 years experience Shelley has mastered her skill and is consummate in her field as a  Certified Canadian Electrologist C.C.E.  All clients are treated with a high level of respect in a supportive and comforting environment.  This private Studio is the only Accredited Establishment to offer the skill of electrolysis and  Laser Hair removal for faster, easier and more effective permanent hair removal.


Shelley is also a Certified Specialist in face and neck lifting and tightening, otherwise known as the lunch time painless face lift.  My experience includes not only helping people eliminate unwanted hair.  I also love helping people  look and feel 10 years younger.  Your self esteem and confidence is guaranteed to be restored in a private and very supportive setting.


Our latest Technology used for skin tightening and remodeling system will lift and tighten your face and neck while toning and rebuilding your facial muscles.


Painlessly! Without Surgery or face fillers and Botox!  I pride my face remodeling and lifting on being a Scientifically proven award winning system with the only one of its kind to offer 5   technologies built into one power head.  


It is a safe alternative to face fillers and botox , all done in a private, secure and safe environment so that you can achieve ultimate relaxation!   You will look and feel years younger with immediate results.  


From the beginning  my Electrolysis career began in 1983  in Calgary, Alberta as a junior electrologist. At that time there was intense hands on training.  Speed and accuracy were proven to be of utmost importance in order to transition to a higher level of skill in electrolysis and is a gift that Shelley has developed for over the past 30 years.


Also, exposure to employment in the oil field industry as an executive assistant proved to be interesting also.  Yet helping people achieve permanent hair removal as well as look and feel years younger is her “dream work” ! Shelley is a Certified Clinical Electrologist, Certified  Laser Technician and Certified non surgical face lifting and tightening Specialist.


In 1986 Shelley earned her N.C.E.C  The National Commission for Electrologist Certification in Toronto. After earning this certificate Shelley opened her first business “Pro-Tech Electrolysis Clinic, in 1986 in Leamington. This is the town where her first business would be developed and is still in operation today.


In May of 1990 Shelley sold “Pro Tech Electrolysis Clinic” and trained a new business owner to take it over. In October 1990 the studio here in Nanaimo originally named “Shelley’s Electrolysis Studio” was born.  She has owned and operated this business in  now for 22 years. Now expanded to “Shelley’s Electrolysis Studio and Laser Hair Removal”.

In April 1993, Shelley earned another certificate as a “Certified Professional Electrologist” from T.A.P.E.B.C. (The Association of Professional Electrologists of British Columbia) and a certificate for Certified Canadian Electrologist through the F.C.E.A. (Federation of Canadian Electrologist Association) .For several years Shelley operated the electrolysis studio, took care of her family and worked full time as a phlebotomist in the labs.  Both careers were very challenging and rewarding for several years. Even so, the passion to return solely to her clients and retire from “Life Labs” was what she desired most. In 2007 Shelley began working again at the Studio full time and then in 2011  took extensive training in laser technology and face lifting and tightening and now has integrated this into the electrolysis business. This state of the art Dermalase laser and “Silhouet-Tone Remodeling system  are latest technologies that have been added for her clients ever since. Manufacturer of our technology states that our Dermalase laser is more consistent in achieving permanency of unwanted hair over all  laser technology available today.  Also available is  Photo Skin Rejuvenation, Acne treatment , scar treatment, vascular ,  brown pigment and sun spot reduction. Hyper pigment reduction can be treated anywhere on your body with this technology. This must be done with precaution and results will vary. Photo Skin Rejuvenation is used to achieve a fresh young look and halt acne breakouts as well as minimize acne scars.  However,  our new advanced (non laser) skin tightening known as “Silhouet-tone tightening and remodeling system”.  Is new because each year the equipment is re calibrated and the latest version of remodeling is installed.  This system continues to be an amazing treatment for anyone with sagging mature or sun damaged skin.  The skin remodeling will lay new collagen and elastin painlessly.


This is a procedure that will brighten, tighten, lift and create muscle memory again.  Your skin will appear firm and flawless! Pores will be minimized and tightened.  Roseau will diminish, shadows disappear.  This  treatment is popular on your face, neck, and decolletages (chest).


If you have an overall tired and dull appearance to your skin, both methods of skin rejuvenation help minimize these conditions.

“I’m pleased with the latest addition of our medical laser hair removal technology and Advanced Silhouet-Tone face & neck tightening and remodeling system and the results it has provided my clients.” Shelley