Acne Treatment


Acne is a very common skin condition due to an overproduction of sebum that blocks skin pores. The bacteria in the pores cause inflammation with nodules and blackheads which we call “pimples”. Acne doesn’t stop here and often leaves scars after the pimples vanish.


With Dermalase IPL, it is now possible to reduce the sebum production, which reduces the active acne, as well as the scars caused by old acne. Not only does photo rejuvenation help cure your acne and diminish the redness it will also soften scars that you have as a result of trauma to your skin.  Our authentic fillers can also assist in filling in acne scars.



How it works: 



The light emitted  heats the tissue, destroying the bacteria and reducing the sebum production. The photo destruction of the treated area is safe and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed. Not only does our system cure your acne condition, a process called neosynthesis occurs simultaneously which smooths the skin and reduces the scars on the skin surface. This plumping up of the tissue is a result of a stimulation of new collagen and elastin. The new production of collagen fills in the damaged tissue underneath your acne and plumps up your skin and the elastin firms the epidermis.


Results are seen after the first treatment; however some clients will require 1 to 6 sessions every 3 weeks to get optimal results depending on the individuals condition. This treatment can be done on almost any skin color and any area of your body.