Advanced Silhouet-Tone skin remodeling

Another new Favorite!  No Botox!  No face fillers necessary! Low cost for a 45 minute to 1 hour high tech spa treatment.    Scientifically proven, Silhouet-Tone Remodelling Technology won 2011 Annual Award  in Hong Kong and a 2nd award from U.S. Spas for safety and customer satisfaction.


This technology builds muscle memory and remineralizes  bone structure one treatment at a time. Silhouet-tone has been a trusted name in the Canadian beauty industry for 24 years.  You can relax in a professional, private and clean spa setting knowing you are reversing the aging process by 10 years while using the safest procedure available.


Our latest advanced technology is certified, painless and uses 5 modalities consisting of ultrasound, HPVC, Micro Pulse Currents, Iontophoresis and Phonophoresis to simultaneously build collagen and elastin while tightening  and lifting your face and neck muscles.  This process is painless and takes 30 minutes in duration.


Silhouet-Tone is the only technology capable of heating and rehydrating the epidermis to a depth never before reached.  Results are seen in your first session.  Fill in crows feet, deep forehead lines, nasophlabial folds and wrinkles.  Tighten your neck, chin and jawline easily in a relaxed , private and professional atmosphere.


View our photo gallery for 7 dramatic before and after pictures.  Come in and view my personal portfolio.