Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal with IPL-7 is the latest in state of the art technology. Shelley has gained an amazing experience and is trained to observe your skin and hair typing. You wear protective eye wear and relax in reclining in a chair. A cool gel is applied and a smooth crystal is placed in contact with the gel. A flash of light lasting a few milliseconds is applied to the area.


When enough fluency is applied you will notice a dramatic reduction in hair growth to the treated area. Also, the hand piece of the IPL-7 has a crystal that is frozen and this alleviates any stinging felt by the client.


Any area can be treated quickly and efficiently. An entire back, legs, arms, full bikini can be done in one short session. Even small areas are treated with a few pulses leaving your skin soft and smooth. The treated area will be pink for about a half hour.


Our IPL is safe to use above the eyebrow line and in between your brows to remove the “uni brow”. For safety reasons we never treat under your brow. At this time electrolysis is still the only safe and effective method of treatment for this area.


The important thing in IPL hair removal is having proper technology to achieve permanency and a properly trained technician to deliver proven results. Generally a client will need approximately 4 to 8 treatments with the IPL 7 and in many cases a person will be finished treatments in half this time.


Why the IPL7 over other laser Technology?


Documentation states that IPL7 is the most consistent in permanent hair removal over other laser technology. This is because the fluency can be adjusted as well as the depth, duration and number of pulses suited for each individual’s skin type.


The IPL7 technology will eliminate 80% of all unwanted growth. All hair colours brown, black, red, blonde are treatable as the Intense Pulse light will be targeting the pigment or melanin in the hair shaft. White hair unfortunately cannot be seen or detected by the IPL or any laser technology. Electrolysis is the only method for permanent hair removal in this situation. I have found the IPL7 very useful in combination with my electrolysis practice as the clients can easily and quickly treat the area with the IPL7 in minutes and clear large areas quickly and easily.


The IPL has given my clients freedom as there is no need for lengthy sessions and frequent weekly or biweekly visits to the studio when starting your program.


There is a comfort knowing the area can be treated before the growth is ever detected on the surface. This is because your laser technician will be targeting the treated area at regular intervals when the hair is germinating under the surface. This is called early “anagen”. As stated previously, the IPL7 can eliminate 80% of all unwanted growth forever. The growth that is eliminated will never re-grow again. Yet, a person can develop new growth at a later time in their life depending on several factors for example puberty, diet, climate, medication, pregnancy, menopause etc.