Photo Skin Rejuvenation (SEE PROMO)

Now offering buy 1 get one 50% off or buy 3 and get 3 effective BONUS collagen boosting mask treatments with each session!   See Promo Tab!  This is a favourite treatment with my clients because these treatments are gentle, effective and only take 20 minutes.  Photo reversal will give you a bright porcelain finish.   Be prepared for compliments on your skin after only 1 to 2 treatments. Our gentle  IPL-7 does not require that you prepare with peels, yet it is safe to have a glycolic peel after your treatment begins  This will exfoliate stubborn hyper pigmentation on your face, chest or forearms and hands before you begin your program.  Even if you do not have a peel beore your treatment you will receive a gentle micro-dermabrasion which will allow the Intense light to penetrate to the deeper layers of your dermis.   This is a treatment for anyone with maturing/aging, acne scarred , dull skin or sun damaged skin. It has even been a  benefit for psoriasis sufferers.  Photo skin rejuvenation is a procedure that will brighten and resurface your skin leaving your skin flawless and your pores refined.  There is no down time or recovery process except a slight flaking o your skin following a gentle 30% or 40% AHA peel.  These glycolic peels are  are gentle and effective.  Treatment is popular on your face, neck and chest areas. If you have uneven brown patches, vessels and capillaries or redness, wrinkles and a general dull appearance to your skin, photo skin rejuvenation can erase these flaws with the aid of exfoliation which is a part of your treatment program.

After only one treatment you can expect:

Whiter, brighter smoother skin

Under eye circles diminish

Expression lines diminish

Acne scars Softened

Acne breakouts halted

Brown spots/freckles,melasma pregnancy mask  vessels, lighter

rosaceau, redness diminishing

Skin is firmer, pores minimized and tightened

Shadows become less noticeable and diminish

You’ll have firmer skin, smaller pores, softer lines and an overall youthful glow.   Each treatment produces new collagen and elastin and improves your over all complexion. Usually 3 – 6 sessions are recommended for satisfactory results and a smooth fresh complexion.