100% Permanent Hair Removal with Our Medical Grade IPL and Electrolysis

All men and women have testosterone in various levels. Obviously women have much less than men. It is a particular type of male testosterone that is responsible for growing hair follicles. For this reason among st many  factors including your age and race that all determine the cause of  your superfluous hair growth patterns. In your consultation, your electrologist will explain all of the various factors influencing your situation.  Most importantly, there is  a solution to help you become free of this burden.


Shelley uses two technologies of electrolysis and sometimes combines electrolysis and laser using our gentle  laser to deliver permanent results quickly. : 2 technologies of electrolysis include the “Blend” and/or “Thermolysis.”  This eliminates all hair colors !  Red, white, brown, black, blonde and grey.


Both technologies of our laser and electrolysis combined are very effective in delivering  100% permanency.  If you growth is brown or black our Medi 7 Laser alone will be 90% effective in most cases leaving only the very blonde and white growth behind.


Regularity of treatment is equally important as the treatment itself


Once the hair is treated with electrolysis and or laser in an active stage of growth this hair growing tissue will be cauterized and will not have the ability to regrow again.


Shelley will advise you when to reschedule your appointments so that you are sure to be treating your unwanted growth at proper intervals for permanent results. Each treatment will achieve permanency in varying amounts until you are forever hair free.