Laser Hair Removal

Our New Dermalase Medical laser hair removal  is  a gentle and effective laser used for assisting in permanent hair reduction in men and women.. Vast areas can be treated within minutes such as backs, legs, arms and bikini lines.  A cool gel is applied and a smooth glass surface is placed in contact with the gel. A flash of light lasting a few milliseconds is released repeatedly over the area.  Following a couple of treatments many report a 50% reduction in regrowth.  The hand piece of our laser has a  glass surface that sustains a -4 degree C throughout your entire treatment keeping you cool  while alleviating the heat sensation making treatments much more comfortable than before.


Our laser has been used to treat above the  eyebrow line and in between your brows to remove the “uni brow”. For safety reasons we never treat under your brow.


At this time electrolysis is still the only safe and effective method of treatment for under eyebrow  area as well as areas that have stubborn regrowth due to years of tweezing or waxing.  If your current laser technician is unable to remove your unwanted tweezed facial growth successfully.  Shelley’s can help you succeed in achieving permanency by combining various methods to help you achieve successful permanent hair removal. 


Laser 7  has given many clients freedom as there is no need for lengthy sessions and frequent weekly or biweekly visits to the studio for  hair free smooth skin. Many areas are completed easily in one short session.There is a comfort knowing the area can be treated before the growth is ever detected on the surface. This is because your laser technician will be targeting the treated area at regular intervals when the hair is germinating under the surface.  You may need anywhere from 4 to 8 sessions for fair skins and 8 to 12 sessions for darker skins.