I have had thermage face lifting and tightening and I found it very painful. Is your Silhouet tone face lifting and tightening procedure painful?

I have psoriasis, will your skin rejuvenation treatment help my skin condition?

Hair Removal        

I'm having problems with ingrown hairs and infection such as boils. Can either electrolysis or DermaLase Pulse Light help my situation?

Does "no no" hair removal devices work? Is this a permanent solution?

What is the difference between the typical popular "laser" technology and our new improved DermaLase IPL technology ?

Is it true that Laser Hair Removal can actually stimulate hair growth in some areas? If so, does this mean that your DermaLase technology has the same affect as laser technology?

Is electrolysis and DermaLase laser a safe technology?

Is laser skin treatments and laser hair removal and electrolysis affordable?

Does it hurt?

Is our new improved DermaLase IPL system for you?

Will laser technology or electrolysis leave scars ?

Does my hair have to be very long before a treatment?

Why choose electrolysis over shaving, waxing, tweezieng threading or depilatories?

If I am a candidate for laser, how many laser treatments will I need?


How many treatments are necessary?

Are there any side effects?

How does the treatment feel?

Am I suitable for treatment? 

How is the treatment carried out?

Which types of veins can be treated?

How does the treatment work?


I have psoriasis that is red and irrittating much like acne. Is this a solution for psoriasis also?

How many treatments are necessary?

How long does each treatment take?

What should I expect after the treatment? 

What are the side effects?

How Does the Treatment Feel?

Am I Suitable for treatment?