Our Services

Shelley’s  education, experience and professionalism will immediately put you at ease in the comfort and privacy of her studio. Shelley received her Certified Canadian Electrologist Certification and Certified Professional Electrologist Certification through T.A.P.E.B.C. in April and June of 1993.  These qualifications and history can be read on her “about us” page on this website.  Shelley’s C.C.E certification allows her to practice anywhere in Canada and recognizes her as a qualified electrologist.  Shelley has also been education as a Certified Technical Assistant or better known as a phlebotomist.  This training and education has given her years of experience at the Life Labs here on the island.  Shelley has also owned and operated a clinic “Pro Tech Electrolysis” in Leamington Ontario which was sold in 1990 however is still in operation today.

All of the training and education and 33 years experience has made her consummate in her field.  She has served both men and women in Nanaimo for over 24 years and has expanded her intensive training to combine  Laser Hair Removal as well as Electrolysis.  Both skills have provided effective permanent hair removal for clients with complex issues.  The Medica Laser is highly recommended and  FDA approved for consistency in permanent hair removal combined with electrolysis for 100% effective results.  The IPL-7 laser is also very effective in treating various skin conditions.

Shelley’s Electrolysis Studio & Laser Hair Removal has gained a reputation of being safe, clean and effective in achieving permanent hair removal and treating  sensitive skins and various skin conditions.

Shelley offers a variety of services and prides her Studio on being a professional, private and confidential envirornment for your well being.  My services  include:  Electrolysis, Laser hair removal, Glycolic peels, Photo Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Treatments, specialized Vascular therapy, brown pigment light therapy &  Advanced Remodelling and tightening for your face, neck and chest..