Latest Version – Advanced Skin Tightening, Rejuvenation & Remodeling Promotion


New Updated!  Make 2021 the year you begin looking and feeling 10 years younger using our amazing age reversal technology!  Always providing you with the most updated technology!

It’s called Silhouette-tone Remodeling  System


Painless, Amazing, Visible results Immediately!


 A winner of 2 awards!  One from Hong Kong and another from U.S. Spas


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This remodeling advanced rejuvenation is one you’ll never regret or forget!      Induces deep relaxation while your skins age appears diminished,  giving you a rested and refreshed look!

 results are visible immediately with continued progression 

Scientifically Proven and awarded Technology

All treatments start with your personal  gentle face & neck destressing massage!!

 Each treatment is 30 minutes in length and it works!  View 7 proven case studies in my studio, Or view more recent case studies on internet!

 “Because you’re worth it!”

Our anti aging technology is Awarded in Hong Kong for H.P.V.C Safety and customer satisfaction!  Silhouette-tone Skin Tightening and Remodeling System is an advanced and affordable procedure that  re hydrates and resets your skins age up to 10 yrs with the use of a specialized high nutrient gel and 5 technologies of various currents.   This is the only technology of its kind that uses one  power head and 5 technologies of various currents combined and delivered simultaneously to actively brighten, tighten and lift your face and neck! 

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Arrival of this latest advanced technology and the only one of its kind on Vancouver Island.   Silhouette-tone will heat your tissue gradually and strengthen the underlying muscles at a depth never reached until now.  All natural and no face fillers or botox is necessary.  However, if you do choose to use botox and fillers our system will prolong the life of your procedure as it will lock the product and strengthen your facial muscles deep within your tissues holding botox where you need it.


This procedure is is the first painless procedure that uses 5 different technologies  combined in one power head that  simultaneously stimulate collagen and elastin production as well as relaxing dynamic lines and remineralizing aging facial bones and teaching muscle memory at the same time.  You will notice  deep lines and nasoplabial folds relax and fill in. Reverses crows feet, deep forehead lines and brow furrows.  Remarkably painless,  fast, easy, affordable and complete in 45 minutes total from start to finish.  Relax to the point of extreme drowsiness while turning back the clock by 6 to 10 years.


 See visible results in your first treatment